Joshua D. Yeager and Jennifer M. Lee Secure Dismissal of Austrian and Canadian Clients from Wrongful Death and Survival Lawsuit in Texas Federal Court

Jennifer M. Lee

Joshua D. Yeager and Jennifer M. Lee successfully obtained the dismissal of two clients based on lack of personal jurisdiction in a high-stakes products liability case in Texas. The plaintiffs alleged that the decedent was operating an articulating crane component on his work truck when he suffered catastrophic injuries that led to his death about a week later.  The plaintiffs asserted negligence and products liability claims against the Austrian designer/manufacturer and the Canadian assembler and distributor of the articulating crane component of the truck.  Josh and Jenni effectively argued that both the Austrian and Canadian clients lacked the requisite minimum contacts with the State of Texas, and that there was simply no evidence to support the exercise of personal jurisdiction over them in the case.  The United States District Court for the Western District of Texas (Austin Division) agreed, finding that the Austrian and Canadian clients were not subject to personal jurisdiction.  As a result, both clients were dismissed with prejudice from the case.