John P. Lynch and Jonathon J. Ibarra Obtain Favorable Mid-Trial Settlement in Cook County

John P. Lynch Jr.

John Lynch and Jonathon Ibarra represented a local entertainment venue sued under theories of negligence, assault, battery, false imprisonment, and willful and wanton conduct related to alleged misconduct by its security staff. A patron had left the venue for a smoke break and was not allowed back in due to his intoxication and the late hour. When he attempted to forcibly reenter the venue he was stopped, and an altercation ensued. During the altercation, the plaintiff suffered facial bone fractures resulting in hospitalization and a near complete loss of hearing in his right ear.  Early in the suit, the plaintiff demanded the defendant’s full policy limits to settle the case and maintained that demand until trial began in December 2021. After rulings on motions in limine, the demand was reduced by nearly 50%. After the initial evidence was presented, the plaintiff reduced his demand to $1,400,000. After the plaintiff was crossed-examined by John, the plaintiff accepted a pending $400,000 offer and the matter settled.