The Product Liability Group at Cremer Law is actively engaged in a nationwide litigation practice defending product manufacturers in a variety of industries including automotive, amusement rides, large-scale food processing equipment, conveyors and piping systems. Many of our lawyers have significant experience in defending product liability claims in the toxic tort area as well. Our lawyers serve as local, regional and national counsel for manufacturers and suppliers facing significant legal claims in these industries and more.

Members of our Product Liability Group have also developed a special expertise representing non-U.S. based companies in suits brought throughout the United States. Our knowledge and experience in the application of International Law and treaties provides additional benefits and protections to non-U.S. based companies faced with product liability litigation. Our lawyers have had repeated success advancing defenses based upon lack of jurisdiction, improper forum  and choice of law, and have likewise been successful in limiting or barring discovery requests served upon our international clients. Locally, nationally or internationally, our Product Liability Group works together with you to achieve the desired result.