The Cremer Law International Litigation Group provides big firm know-how coupled with small firm personal responsibility. Our national practice focuses on representation of non-U.S. based companies involved in litigation across the country. Our clients include foreign hotels, product manufacturers and other companies with business interests in the United States.

Led by partners with decades of experience in representing international clients, we bring specialized expertise in the evaluation and presentation of defenses available only to non-U.S. based companies. We have been successful in obtaining dismissal of our clients in courtrooms across America through the presentation of detailed motions attacking improper service, lack of personal jurisdiction and inappropriate forum. Our lawyers are experienced in the nuance of pre-trial discovery involving non-U.S. based parties and use that experience and expertise to achieve uniform results for our clients. We have also been successful in advocating the application of favorable foreign law. We understand the differences in legal systems and cultures and bridge those differences to work closely with our friends around the world.