The Construction Litigation Group counsels and represents general contractors, engineers, architects, owners, subcontractors, material suppliers and consultants in nearly every aspect of construction. We have substantial experience in the handling and trial of complex cases involving construction defects, delay and business interruption claims, insurance coverage, mechanics liens, negligent design and construction accidents in the residential and commercial setting. Our clients have retained us to represent their interests in catastrophic accidents ranging from bridge collapses to trench failures, usually involving serious injuries or fatalities, and often requiring a rapid response from counsel and consultants.

We understand that avoidance of litigation is typically the most cost-effective method of managing disputes, and believe this can be accomplished with proper risk-management. To this end, our construction group is often requested to draft contracts, safety manuals, and safety programs,perform risk-management and risk-shifting assessments and coordinate rapid responses to an incident. These efforts typically serve to reduce the potential liability exposure of our clients in the event of an adverse verdict. We understand these cases and work closely with our clients, whatever the situation, to obtain the most favorable outcome in the most cost-effective manner possible.