The Employment Law Practice Group provides representation in a wide variety of areas, ranging from counseling and training clients and their employees to litigating matters on behalf of those clients.

Outside the courtroom, we review employee handbooks, manuals, and employment contracts, and tailor those documents to meet the specific needs of our clients. When the unfortunate situation arises and layoffs are necessary, we assistcompany management in properly reducing their workforce- from offering advice on how to select employees in a non-discriminatory manner to drafting severance agreements.

We also provide training to our clients. Our attorneys train management on how to recognize and prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace and how to deal with it when it occurs. We also provide comprehensive training for management in all aspects of day-to-day employment issues, including proper methods to hire, fire and evaluate employee performance.

Recognizing that not all claims are preventable, our employment attorneys have a wealth of experience in litigating a wide variety of employment claims both in federal and state court as well as various administrative agencies. We counsel our clients on the available methods of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, and work to resolve cases in the most expeditious and efficient manner that suits the best interests of our clients.

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