John Lynch obtains trial victory for general contractor

John Lynch represented a general contractor in what began as a simple contract dispute after project owners chose not to proceed with the construction of a building. A demand for payment of outstanding sums was made after the project was terminated. The owners responded with accusations of contractual breaches on the part of the general contractor and other allegations of misconduct. Given the owners' response, the general contractor filed suit with the goal of obtaining payment on the outstanding invoices. The owner countersued and the matter proceeded to trial. After a weeklong trial, the trial judge entered a directed verdict as to all but one of the owners' claims. Thereafter, the jury found in favor of the general contractor on all issues and awarded it over twice the amount of the outstanding invoices. The jury awarded the general contractor nearly twice the amount of its pretrial settlement demand. E. Anthony, Inc. v. Dr. Michael and Elizabeth Ryan, 06 L 10477